NEWS ! JMG Cranes rental with skilled drivers

NEWS ! JMG Cranes rental with skilled drivers

With over 20 years of experiences in the heavy handling of precision, DIAS GmbH offers you the biggest precision machinery of handling with experienced and skilled drivers to ensure optimal success in your projects.

Our technicians in action in a coca-cola factory with the cranes :

These mobile cranes with and without stabilizers are designed to move and precisely position safely heavy loads at a specific point.

Electrical and hydraulic JMG cranes pick & carry are the most powerful compact size cranes, they are also most accurate for use with remote control, most agile and safer.

These cranes with non-marking wheels are “clean” and do not emit gases. They can therefore be used in explosive and high risk environments, but also in a sterile environment such as in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Combined with our drivers’ many years of experience, these cranes guarantee success in your most complex handling projects.

JMG CRANE 160 – 4395 x 2070 x 2000 mm

JMG CRANE 160 with articulated telescopic boom4395 x 2070 x 2000 mm

JMG CRANE 2204770 x 2150 x 2200 mm